130901 G-Ri and Bigbang moments at OOAK Final Day 2

  • Seungri poured water on GD then poured on the fans too
  • GD and Seungri hugged, then TOP and Daesung joined them for a group hug
  • Seungri wanted to tell GD ‘great job’ so he gave his hand to GD and then GD kissed Seungri’s hand! GD wasn’t even being funny. When Seungri tried to shake his hand, GD kissed Seungri’s hand again so nicely and gently. (so GD kissed Seungri’s hand twice)
  • Seungri was wearing a shirt which had so many buttons on the back, GD said “I want to rip that all off” then all members tried to take of Seungri’s shirt. Seungri said “Ah! The hyungs are bothering me again!! I want to be cool today!!!! Ah!!” Fans said “Take your shirt off!” Seungri “No!! I want to be cool today!”Then the hyungs buttoned up Seungri’s shirt again.
  • When Seungri sang HEAVEN he changed the lyrics into “In my every daily life, Jiyong is breathing~” (original lyrics; You are breathing.)
  • When 4 members about to leave the stage Seungri said “Jiyong hyung fighting!”

picture credit as labeled. fanaccounts credit @huisuyoon, @sergeantkero, and some fanaccounts translated by @IBEUNJN

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